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2023-2034 Young Artist Finalist Auditions

Finalist Auditions Image

Houston, Texas – January 13, 2024—Symphony North of Houston announced the finalist participants for its 2023-2034 Young Artist Competition

For the past 26 years among community orchestras, Symphony North has been the foremost innovator and thought leader in providing an avenue for young artist to display their amazing talents by performing a classical concerto movement with an orchestra. This year Symphony North is elevating the concept of its Young Artist Competition by potentially awarding first place category awards rather than overall first and second place awards.  The categories this year include Violin, Cello, Piano, and Wind.

First Round Concluded

The first stage of this process has been completed in that Symphony North has finalized the judging of all the competition submissions and has selected artist to perform at its finalist audition on January 27, 2024.  Each young artist will be competing for first place in their respective category.

ViolinLauren Garcia
ViolinCorinne McLeod
CelloJames Liu
CelloChanmin Park
PianoChris Hao
PianoBowen Ma
WindPatrick Umanzor

Young Artist Concert

From the Finalist Audition, there will be up to four 1st place winners in the Violin, Cello, Piano, and Wind categories.  The 1st place recipients will then perform their concerto movement with Symphony North at its Early Spring Concert on April 21st at 4:00 PM at Salem Lutheran Church in Tomball, Texas. At that concert, an overall winner will then be selected from among the best performing category winners. Also, at the concert a $500 scholarship and trophy will be awarded to each category winner.  At the end of the concert, the one whose performance was selected as the overall winner will receive an additional $500 scholarship and trophy.

For More Information:

Phone:(281) 803-9127
Mail:21175 State Highway 249 No. 222 Houston, TX 77070-1655
Concert Venue:Salem Lutheran Church
22601 Lutheran Church Rd
Tomball, TX 77377

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