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Playing with Symphony North

If you are interested in joining Symphony North as a musician, we probably do not need to describe the benefits that come with playing in an orchestra. We are amateurs in the true sense of the word: We play because we love to make music. We make our share of mistakes, but our recordings show that we make surprisingly good music. And it keeps getting better. And it will be better yet when you join us. We always need strings. We often need winds or percussion.


At the beginning of each season, orchestra members are asked to commit to the concert schedule that has been determined for the year, and to identify concerts or rehearsals they will be unable to perform. In addition, members sign a pledge of financial responsibility, to take the utmost care of their folder and music.  Oftentimes the music is rented and surprisingly expensive to the orchestra to replace if not returned promptly to the Music Publisher or Distributor.

As with any other volunteer organization in which members depend on each other, it is strongly encouraged, even expected, that each member will attend every rehearsal, to the best of their ability. Obviously, life happens, and attending rehearsal is not always possible.

Rehearsals are from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. most Mondays, and the Friday before each concert, according to the schedule on this website. Occasional wind/string sectional rehearsals will alter this schedule. Occasional scheduling conflicts require us to rehearse at different locations.


Orchestra members support the orchestra with yearly dues of $35 per person, $20 for students.  The dues help to cover the cost of music upkeep and orchestra folders.

Audition Protocol

We encourage first-time players to come to the first rehearsal for the next concert for their audition.  This allows the conductor, the specific section leader (or designee), and another interested party to listen.

For your audition, please bring music that will display your technical ability and intonation. This is a very low-key, non-stressful interview, whose primary purpose is to help the Conductor determine seating within the section. The audition can be reduced to a short interview should the newcomer choose to sit last chair.

For that first rehearsal the new musician will sit with the section leader to evaluate the newcomer’s ensemble play.  A seating decision will be made at the end of the rehearsal, taking effect at the next rehearsal.

New musicians who come after the first rehearsal will be seated at the back of the section.  Seating placement will be adjusted at the first rehearsal of the next concert.  This most often applies to string players.

Exceptions to this protocol will be at the Conductor’s discretion, with general approval by the section leaders.

String Players

If you are a string player, click on the Prospective Player Form button below to submit your information and schedule an informal audition. We are always looking for additional string players.

Wind, Brass, Keyboard, or Percussion Players

Wind, brass, keyboard, and percussionists should submit the Prospective Player Form to find out if there is an immediate need for your instrument. If so, we will arrange an informal audition as described.