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Christina Strohmann is a homeschooled sophomore and has played the piano for almost eight years. She studied with a college professor in China for one year and is now studying with Mr. Scott Holshouser. Though she has been learning from him for only about a year, she has learned more this year than any other year.

While Christina was in China, she went to the Meiguo Yinyue Gongkaisai piano competition and placed first in the Chopin Waltz division and Haydn Sonata division. She also went to the Xinghaibei piano competition and placed second in the amateur pianist group, third in the Mozart Sonata group and first in the Chopin Polonaise and Chopin Waltz group. Last year, she placed second in the 2011 HMTA piano contest and second in the Sherman Clay Junior Piano Festival. This year, she placed first in the 2012 HMTA piano contest.

Christina’s hobbies include watching TV, playing on her DS, or playing her other instruments.

Christina Strohmann